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Tell 'Em Presents:

07/27/22 MO Abortion Fund Benefit w/ Rae Fitzgerald, Ripped Genes, New Car Scent @ Cafe Berlin

08/03/22 Nerver, Shih Tzu, Lowest Life, Littered with Arrows, Full Clips Emptied @ PDM

Past Tell 'Em shows:

06/30/22 Bursters, Demonberry, Trivia Night, 206ruby @ PDM
06/15/22 Thelma and the Sleaze w/ Tri-County Liquidators @ Cafe Berlin
06/04/22 Lonesome Pines Tape Release Show w/ flooding (KS), Ripped Genes @ PDM
04/02/22 System Exclusive (CA), Maxito Lindo, and Kyren Penrose @ Hitt Records
03/19/22 Maxito Lindo, Lonesome Pines, Vulvette, DJ Icey Coolout @ 404 [EARLY SHOW]
11/13/21 Good Morning Midnight, Ripped Genes, Self Hug, DeeJay Icey Coolout @ PDM
09/03/19 Ripped Genes 'Leaves' tour kickoff w/ Vitalis, Sissy Paycheck @ Cafe Berlin
06/15/19 Dank Fizzer ('Hard Doin' Solo' tape release show), Vitalis, Billy Haring
05/24/19 Good Morning Midnight (IA - tape release show), Blights, The Lemon Settlement
02/18/19 Vitalis, Ripped Genes ('Leaves' tape release show) @ Hitt Records
02/15/19 Ripped Genes (Como), Dank Fizzer (STL), Pealds (STL), Sloopy McCoy (STL) @ El Lenador STL
01/12/19 Vitalis, Trivia Night @ PDM
08/17/18 Good Morning Midnight (IA - tape release show), Cecil, The Lemon Settlement @ Cafe Berlin
08/11/18 TELL 'EM TURNS 2 @ PDM w/ DJ Ill Temperament
07/21/18 faulter (SPFD), Steven Senger (SPFD) @ Hitt Records
06/29/18 Soakie (AUS), Gooey Louis, Conductor @ Cafe Berlin
04/20/18 Diners (LA), Wished Bone (LA), Dingbat Superminx (LA), Smokeseeker (reunion) @ Hitt Records
03/09/18 Sterling/Pale Album Release w/ The Leonas, JJ Coletrain @ Cafe Berlin
02/07/18 emospacebird. Tape Release w/ Trunkweed, The Adaptation @ Hitt Records
12/07/17 Dream Ritual, Skooma, Slusk @ Cafe Berlin
10/16/17 JULEP, Gooey Louie, The Adaptation @ Cafe Berlin
10/10/17 Sterling/Pale, Ripped Genes, 206ruby @ Hitt Records
07/22/17 Cadie Cowden Tape Release Show w/ It's Me: Ross, Cody Mitchell @ Cafe Berlin
03/21/17 Trunkweed, Ripped Genes, Molly Adamson @ Cafe Berlin
10/17/16 Daddy Issues, Kudzu, Cadie Cowden @ Cafe Berlin