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Devin Frank - "Cathedral" (TEISTS028) SOLD OUT

It's an honor to have Devin's music on the label, and this latest album might be our favorite of his recent instrumental works. Tapes are limited to 50 copies.

In Devin's own words, Cathedral is a "non-verbal memoir of 12- and 6-string guitar-dominant, but not exclusive, 21st century folk futurism."

"These songs were composed spontaneously as they were being recorded, but are structurally well-behaved," he continued. "They serve as continued refinements of the styles, sounds, and home-recorded experiments that I began working on over a decade ago. Stylistically, I cannot say what they are, but undoubtedly they channel my love of oldies radio, 1960s American minimalism, cosmic German progressive music, aleatoric music, fingerstyle guitar, and the psych, post-rock, and lo-fi music of the 90s. It is my hope that from this stew something recognizable but new and beautiful has formed."

All songs were recorded to 4-track cassette between 2018-2020 in Champaign and then Urbana, IL. They were later mixed and mastered by Matt Wenzel (Van Brocklyn, The Falbonauts) at Shangri-Nah Studio in Urbana.

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