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Marble Faun - "Synthetic Afterlife" (TEISTS029) SOLD OUT

We’re proud to present Marble Faun’s opus Synthetic Afterlife in the analog medium, arriving next Friday, 10/29. Limited to 50 cassettes professionally duplicated by National Audio Company.

Tapes available directly via Marble Faun:

Dark New Age? Sinister Fripp & Eno? These are some of the off-hand descriptors we’ve used to describe this uncompromising music from the Columbia duo Marble Faun, originally released digitally in 2020. Analog and digital synthesizers collide with acoustic instrumentation and human voice: Trust us when we say that the results sounds glorious on NAC’s new tape oxide.

“One of our intentions was to make each song it's own immersive world full of textures and visions," say the artists’ in their own words.

To celebrate the tape release, Marble Faun have also offered up a bonus track from the Synthetic Afterlife sessions on their Bandcamp.

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