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Jonas Weir - "Astral Wrecks" (TEISTS035)

Chicago-based songwriter Jonas Weir has returned with a new batch of tunes entitled Astral Wrecks. Jonas is a longtime friend of the label and the Como scene, and this tape will be his second Tell ‘Em release following 2019’s Art Is Easy.

This new collection is an excellent follow-up. Jonas pens lyrical tunes of the Richman/Merritt/Berman school, laced with thoughtful humor and a genuine sweetness so often missing in modern indie rock. And he brought in a cast of Chicago scene vets to flesh out the arrangements. The tape sounds f’n great.

Limited to 50 professionally duplicated cassettes. Jonas will be playing a release show on 9/4 at Cafe Mustache in Chicago, where you can snag initial copies.

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