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Devin Frank - "Road Songs and Dream Sequences" (TEISTS038)

"Songs wind their way from here to there. Piano solos wander in and out. A 12-string guitar clangs its way through the proceedings. Electric guitar lines warped, perhaps left out in the sun too long. Tambourines ch-ch, ch-ch. If you are patient, even the drums will stretch themselves out.

Recorded in the earliest days of the pandemic lockdown alongside a diet of home-cooking, 1970s road movies, and investigation of local habitats, these recordings have been allowed to ferment for a few years and now request your consumption."

Songs, recording, and performances: Devin Frank
Mixing: Matt Wenzel at Shangri-Nah Studio
Mastering: Max Citron at HOMHOMHOM
Cover Painting: Crystal Hartman

Limited to 50 professionally duplicated cassettes. Ships 4/12.