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Faux Ferocious - "New Sounds" (TEISTS039)

Fast cars and twangy, krauty garage psych? Count us in.

Nashville’s Faux Ferocious have been a longtime favorite at Tell ‘Em, and we fondly recall the handful of gigs they played in Columbia back in the 2010s. Releasing their latest record New Sounds on tape is among the more badass things we’ve had the privilege of doing as a label.

This five-song heater expands the band's sound with some choice instrumentation (pedal steel, keys, etc.) to go along with infectious rhythmic arrangements and lyrics that consistently elicit a smirk and a chuckle from the attentive listener. Here's a tape that can live in the deck of your old shitbox grocery getter and five years later you realize you’ve been flipping it over and over on repeat. Damn good driving music.

Limited to 100 cassettes professionally duplicated at National Audio Company in Springfield, MO. Available direct from Faux Ferocious at their Nashville gig on Friday (6/21) and via, as well as locally in Columbia at Hitt Records.